Sunday, January 15, 2012

Visit from the fam!

So, yesterday morning, a glorious thing happened. My family called me and told me that they had just loaded the car and that they were on their way to visit me for the long weekend. And four hours later, they were walking in my door! Basically, it's been amazing having them here! I have missed them so much already and it's so fun playing with them. We've spent the majority of our time so far partying in the pool/hut-tub at my parents' hotel, taking SUPER long drives through beautiful Idaho country and looking at the Tetons, and just chilling. And, though my parents are staying at a hotel, the little girls have been experiencing true college life (AKA staying up until all hours of the night) at my apartment and having a party! Though we were all really tired and made it obvious to our parents we'd stayed up all night, we've had a lot of fun together!

Unfortunately, Brooke couldn't be here because she's partying in Disneyland and Palm Springs for the week. I don't really feel bad for her... But, here's a picture of her too since she's pretty cute. 

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