Monday, April 29, 2013

Strumming to the beat of my heart

Guys! I found a new love. One of my good friends is an incredible musician and on Friday night he started teaching me some basics on the guitar. He let me borrow his electric guitar for the week and I can't put it down! I'm smack in the middle of finals but all I want to do is play. I practiced for four hours straight yesterday... I think I'm going to need to buy myself a guitar so I can keep practicing all summer! I'm really excited. Learning to the play the guitar has always been one of my goals but I always decided it was too hard. But I'm learning to live my dreams! Hooray for music!

P.S. Happy Monday. Mondays are always hard. Someone should tell you they're happy!

Saturday, April 27, 2013


It's finally warming up in these parts. This past winter has been brutal but the weather is finally getting better. It's time for early morning runs, afternoons by the pool, and evenings spent by the fire. I love summer! It's the best time to go on an adventure! I have soooo many adventures planned for this summer. Do you? I hope so! Everyone deserves (and needs) a healthy adventure every now and then. Happy summer! It's finally here.

If you need ideas for some awesome summer adventures, check out my summer bucket list!

Monday, April 15, 2013

drinkin' away my troubles

Man. You know those days? The ones where everything goes wrong and you feel like screaming, crying, kissing, and and screaming some more? Today is one of those days. I might go crazy with all the ridiculousness happening in my head right now. Thank goodness for good music and for the gospel and for vanilla Coke. I think with the help of those three things, I'll still be alive tomorrow.