Bucket List

  1. Run a half-marathon
  2. Run a marathon
  3. Learn another language
  4. Go to London, England
  5. Ride an exotic animal
  6. Buy my own home
  7. Say "I do" to the man I love
  8. Vote for the president of the United States
  9. Go scuba-diving
  10. Have my own dog
  11. Mow a lawn
  12. See a live performance of Phantom of the Opera
  13. Visit New York
  14. Go to Hawaii
  15. Sleep under the stars
  16. Watch every Harry Potter movie in a single day
  17. Go to South Africa
  18. Have children 
  19. Meet the prophet
  20. Receive flowers
  21. Go to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios
  22. Read the entire Bible 
  23. Go to a wild animal park/safari
  24. Save a life
  25. Go backpacking
  26. Kiss someone in the rain
  27. Fall in love
  28. Ride a train
  29. Go to Paris, France
  30. Invent my own delicious recipe
  31. Own a car
  32. Be a bridesmaid
  33. Get a passport
  34. Win something
  35. Go whale-watching
  36. Learn how to say "shut up and kiss me" in 10 different languages (I've got 6 to go!)
  37. Go river-rafting
  38. See an elephant (not in a zoo)
  39. Set off a floating lantern
  40. Be able to do the scorpion yoga pose
  41. Visit five different countries
  42. Sleep on a beach
  43. Be a personal trainer
  44. See a live performance of Les Miserables
  45. Learn to surf
  46. Sleep in a tree-house
  47. Go on a cruise
  48. Own five different pairs of Vibram Fivefingers
  49. Have a killer spring-break adventure
  50. Be a yoga instructor 
  51. Have six-pack abs
  52. Finish the Insanity workout program

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