Sunday, September 16, 2012

"I wanna hold the whole wide world"

As you may or may not have noticed, my blog looks a little different than it did before. I did this because I wanted it to reflect some other changes- changes in me and in my attitude. Before these physical changes in my blog, my writing here really had no common purpose. It was all just a bunch of random and jumbled thoughts. But, I have been through a lot in the last year and I have learned a lot too. I am a whole new person. I have a new attitude and a new outlook on life. For a while, I wasn't really sure what that outlook or attitude was but I could feel something burning inside that I never had before. Then one morning while I was getting ready for work, a song came onto my iPod that I'd listened to a thousand times before but for the first time, I really listened to the words and I realized what that burning was.

"I wanna hold the whole wide world
Right here in my open hands
Maybe I'm just a little girl
A little girl with great big plans
I'm gonna live a crazy dream
Impossible as it may seem
Doesn't matter what the future brings
I'm gonna live a crazy dream"

After really listening to those words and letting them become my new motto in life, I've been learning to do what I want and to follow my dreams. For so long I was pushing away those dreams or desires for "smarter" things or because I thought my mother wouldn't approve. I was always saying "later" or "someday" and trying to move on. If there's one thing that I've learned from everything that I've been through in the last year, its that you never know what's around the corner or what the future's got up its sleeve. So, if you've got some 'crazy dream' or some wild and far-off goal, stop worrying and make it happen! There's no time like now and there's no time to waste!

So, if you didn't catch on, the new purpose of me writing on this blog is to learn to follow my own dreams and to encourage you to follow yours.

To see the full lyrics and the music video of "Whole Wide World" by Mindy Gledhill go here