Friday, January 17, 2014

Take me to the sea

I am ready for summer. On Tuesday, Mr. Handsome and I were shopping at Target and I was ecstatic to see that the upcoming season's swimwear is already out! I can't wait much longer. I'm ready for sunshine, tan-lines, and sand between my toes. Whenever I close my eyes, I can almost hear the ocean calling my name in tantalizing whispers of rushing water beneath my surf board. With the perfect warmth of the sun against my back, I can feel the salt in the air and the ocean spray gently tickling my face. I could stand here forever...

Then I open my eyes. I'm still in the desert.

But I'll be there soon! At least one trip to Cali is going to happen this summer. Maybe I'll go on a cruise!

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I've got the sniffles

I hate being sick! Here I am. In bed. All alone. My closest friends, Nyquil and Sudafed, are failing me and I'm left to fend for myself with nothing but episodes of Chuck playing on loop on my iPad, fuzzy socks, and my teddy bear. I've already had three cups of honey vanilla chamomile tea and gone through an entire box of tissues. I just want to curl up under my covers and cuddle my man. Blast being contagious.