Friday, May 27, 2011

Really? It's already here?

So, it finally happened. The day that I've been talking about and preparing for since kindergarten. The day all the teachers use as a threat when their classes begin to slack off. The day I always used as motivation when school got unbearably boring. The day my mom secretly hoped would never come. After so many years of just talking and dreaming about it, though, I didn't think it'd ever actually come. Even yesterday morning, hours before the ceremony, I still didn't believe it. But, it did come, faster than I ever could have imagined. I graduated from high school!!!! That's right! I am now officially a graduate and alumni of Timpview High School. Woohoo!!

Good old A Cappella
I love you Catie!

Now just briefly, I want to tell all my friends who last night were saying "this is the last time we're going to see each other", you are all wrong. If you don't ever see me again, it's because you've died. We are all going to party this summer. Please. I beg of you. Because, most of you are going to be able to keep hanging out this fall when you're all going to BYU but I'm moving to Idaho. So we really need to make this summer fun!

Senior Ball Photos 2011

Here are those pictures I promised!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What a Man!

I just finished watching Jon Schmidt's newest video and I absolutely love it. I think it is my favorite of his songs so far. You really should watch it. It's amazing!! In my dream world, I can play piano like he can. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Only the Young

I have recently fallen in love with this song. You should all listen to it. Don't watch the video though. It's weird. But, most music videos are.

So Close

Let me begin this post by saying this: Friday, May 13th was a blast! Some of you may be wondering why this particular day was so awesome. Let me share with you two words. Senior Ball. That's right my friends. The last dance of my high school life. And, it was all that I ever could have hoped for. Holy cow it was fun! 

It all began at 9:00 in the morning when my amazing date, Matthew Woodruff, picked me up and we headed over to Tyler Hill's house to eat a delicious breakfast that Matt and the other eleven boys in our group had cooked for us girls. Oh my was it good! We had waffles with strawberries and whipped cream, delicious homemade syrup, sausage, bacon, eggs, and chocolate milk. After eating breakfast and chatting for a while, we all headed over to Kiwanis park and played two intense games of three-legged capture the flag. Kudos to whoever's idea that was. It was a blast! My ankle is a little bit bruised but it was worth it. After playing for a couple of hours, Matt dropped me off to go and get ready for the latter part of the evening. Obviously, this is not the most exciting part of the day so I'm just going to brush over it. I actually think that most of my "get ready" time was spent in the car. Between driving home from Provo and to Heber and back, that's a lot of driving time. 

At about 4:00, Matt came to pick me up for pictures, dinner, and the dance. After my mom made me walk down the stairs for the "full effect" and had taken what she thought was a sufficient number of pictures, and Matt and I had exchanged flowers, we were off. 

We began with pictures which we had taken by this adorable stream and little red brick road by BYU and Brick Oven (which, I will post as soon as I have). It took a while because our group was so big but in the end, it was a success. Thanks to our photographer! After pictures, we all headed to Sleepy Ridge for dinner and the dance. Dinner was delicious! When we had finished eating, we wandered around the gorgeous grounds of Sleepy Ridge while they set up for the dance. This place is adorable! It has the cutest arbors and gazebos I have ever seen in my life. You actually can't see either of them in this picture but I like it anyway. 

Look how classy he looks in his tux :)
When the dance was ready, we all went back up the stairs (which, there happened to be a million of) and began the real party. Most of the time, the dances are not my favorite part of the date but I really did have a blast! And though the DJ was a let-down overall, he had a few redeeming qualities. He did have the sense to play "So Close" from Enchanted which is my all-time favorite slow dance song. I also don't usually love slow-dancing but Matt is a pro at twirls and literally sweeping girls off their feet. I thoroughly enjoyed it. When we had all danced our feet to death, we went to Matt's house and had some delectable cupcakes made by the one and only, Moaks. We spent most of the time just chatting and enjoying each-other's company and laughing at each-other but we did play a game of Catch Phrase, which was fun. When we were both completely exhausted, along with everybody else, Matt drove me home. Luckily, neither of us fell asleep on the way and we both made it home safely. And, after a goodnight hug and a serious thank you, I went inside completely satisfied with the last dance-date I'd ever go on. 

Thank you, Matt, for an amazing date! I wouldn't have wanted to go with anyone else! 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Please, Oh Please!

Okay! I really want to go to Disneyland again! Yes, I've gone three times in the last year but I didn't go on this ride!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

You Should All Be Jealous

Because yesterday was Mother's day, I've obviously been thinking about my Mom a lot the last little while. And, as I have, I've started thinking, "You know, the rest of the world is really missing out and they don't even know it.". So, I thought, I'd share a little bit of my mom tonight to remind you all (and her) how cool she is.

Here is why I think my mom is so dang cool (not in any particular order). First, she makes the most dang delicious cheesecake. In reality, everything she makes is dang delicious but cheesecake is just on my mind because we had it yesterday. Second, I know I can talk to her about whatever I want and she'll give me the perfect advice. And, when I don't want advice and I just want a shoulder to cry on or someone to laugh at my life with, she's just that. Third, my Mom doesn't give a hoot what anyone else in the world thinks about her. She's who she wants to be and that's that. Also, my mom, even with her own job and three other kids to worry about, does her very best to support me in all the extra things that I do. She was always at every cross-country meet (except the out-of-state one) she could possibly make it to. She's come to all of my choir concerts since freshman year. And, she even rearranged a trip the family was going to go on so she could see me get picked up for my first dance-date. And, my mom is weird. I used to run away from her when we'd be shopping at the grocery store because she'd be singing "zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay" or some other random show-tune at the top of her lungs. But, I've come to love it. Sometimes, I even find myself doing the same thing. Another thing about my mom that just blows my mind is how much she does for other people. She stays late after school every day giving her students extra help and stays up late every night grading their papers. And, every time she meets someone new at church or work that she thinks is in need, she can't sleep until she's done something for them. Serving other people is like sunshine for my mom. She get's depressed when she doesn't get enough if it. Also, I love that my Mom starts to tear up when we talk about college and me "growing up". I'm going to miss her when I move up to Idaho this fall. But, let's just say there's not going to be a shortage of phone-visits between us.

It would take a post this long or longer every day for the rest of eternity to really explain how amazing my Mom is but at least you got a little taste. I love my Mom so dang much and I know she loves me too. If any of you are ever feeling left out because I have the coolest Mom in the world, just come on over because she really mothers all of my friends that come over anyway. 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I really hate balogna but...


Okay, balogna is quite disgusting but this kid really made me want to eat it. He's so dang cute!