Tuesday, May 17, 2011

So Close

Let me begin this post by saying this: Friday, May 13th was a blast! Some of you may be wondering why this particular day was so awesome. Let me share with you two words. Senior Ball. That's right my friends. The last dance of my high school life. And, it was all that I ever could have hoped for. Holy cow it was fun! 

It all began at 9:00 in the morning when my amazing date, Matthew Woodruff, picked me up and we headed over to Tyler Hill's house to eat a delicious breakfast that Matt and the other eleven boys in our group had cooked for us girls. Oh my was it good! We had waffles with strawberries and whipped cream, delicious homemade syrup, sausage, bacon, eggs, and chocolate milk. After eating breakfast and chatting for a while, we all headed over to Kiwanis park and played two intense games of three-legged capture the flag. Kudos to whoever's idea that was. It was a blast! My ankle is a little bit bruised but it was worth it. After playing for a couple of hours, Matt dropped me off to go and get ready for the latter part of the evening. Obviously, this is not the most exciting part of the day so I'm just going to brush over it. I actually think that most of my "get ready" time was spent in the car. Between driving home from Provo and to Heber and back, that's a lot of driving time. 

At about 4:00, Matt came to pick me up for pictures, dinner, and the dance. After my mom made me walk down the stairs for the "full effect" and had taken what she thought was a sufficient number of pictures, and Matt and I had exchanged flowers, we were off. 

We began with pictures which we had taken by this adorable stream and little red brick road by BYU and Brick Oven (which, I will post as soon as I have). It took a while because our group was so big but in the end, it was a success. Thanks to our photographer! After pictures, we all headed to Sleepy Ridge for dinner and the dance. Dinner was delicious! When we had finished eating, we wandered around the gorgeous grounds of Sleepy Ridge while they set up for the dance. This place is adorable! It has the cutest arbors and gazebos I have ever seen in my life. You actually can't see either of them in this picture but I like it anyway. 

Look how classy he looks in his tux :)
When the dance was ready, we all went back up the stairs (which, there happened to be a million of) and began the real party. Most of the time, the dances are not my favorite part of the date but I really did have a blast! And though the DJ was a let-down overall, he had a few redeeming qualities. He did have the sense to play "So Close" from Enchanted which is my all-time favorite slow dance song. I also don't usually love slow-dancing but Matt is a pro at twirls and literally sweeping girls off their feet. I thoroughly enjoyed it. When we had all danced our feet to death, we went to Matt's house and had some delectable cupcakes made by the one and only, Moaks. We spent most of the time just chatting and enjoying each-other's company and laughing at each-other but we did play a game of Catch Phrase, which was fun. When we were both completely exhausted, along with everybody else, Matt drove me home. Luckily, neither of us fell asleep on the way and we both made it home safely. And, after a goodnight hug and a serious thank you, I went inside completely satisfied with the last dance-date I'd ever go on. 

Thank you, Matt, for an amazing date! I wouldn't have wanted to go with anyone else! 

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