Sunday, January 29, 2012

An ode to the greatest friends.

The last few weeks, there has been something continually on my mind. And that is how amazing all of my friends are! I have the single most fantastic group of friends! Really though, every time I see or think about them, I can't help but think how awesome they are and how blessed I am. I honestly can't get over how lucky I am to know all of the people that I do. When we get together, we have more fun just sitting and messing around with each other than I do on my favorite ride at Disneyland. Though, the combination of my friends and Disneyland would be phenomenal! I like to imagine that in fifty years, we'll all still be friends and we'll get together, all of us old with canes and dentures, and sit and laugh and mess around like old times. And all of my kids are going to refer to them as "Aunt ----" and "Uncle ----". I absolutely love my friends. Anyways, my friends, thank you for being amazing! I'm sad that so many of you are leaving me for your missions so soon. But, you are all going to be fantastic missionaries!! 

To some of the good times we've had!

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Stephanie Tidwell said...

Bronwen you are darling!