Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 6- Ghost Story

Sorry it's been a million years... It's been a rough week. :) Anyways, Ghost Story. What a fantastic song! And Sting! Ah, what a gent! (As dear Jeremy Sherms would say). Seriously. Sting (and The Police) are one of my favorite artists! I absolutely thrive off of their music. Give this song a little listen. Also, you should look up and read all of the lyrics. They're pretty great.

"You were my compass star.
You were my measure. 
You were a pirate's map.
A buried treasure.

If this was all correct, 
The last thing I'd expect:
The prosecution rests.
It's time that I confess:
 I must have loved you."

Ghost Story by Sting on Grooveshark

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Jeremy said...

This is a great song :)