Tuesday, March 1, 2011

So Sweet

So pretty much, today was one of the sweetest days ever. There are a few reasons why it was so great including the fact that there wasn't any school, I went running and jumped on my bed with my dear Stephanie this morning, and I got sunburned! However, these reasons are not all. Today was also fantastic because I went sledding with a bunch of awesome people on my awesome hill. I love sledding! Really, I do. And, I especially love it when I do it with my favorite people in the world. We pretty much had a blast. For those of you who couldn't come today, never fear. We will have another snowy get-together sometime before winter is over.

You can better see our intenseness by clicking on the pictures to make them bigger.

Seth is too cool for a coat.
Matt, mid-wipe-out.

Yes, I made that face every time (when I wasn't screaming).  But, check out my hair.
Matthew apologizing for almost killing Jasmine when he ran her over going 90 miles an hour.



After a while of just normal sledding, we decided to add a little twist. It's a game we call "Sabotage". These are the basic rules: knock as many people off their sleds as possible and make it down the hill alive. It's pretty much the best game ever and it only added more excitement to the already amazing sledding.

One of the many results of Sabotage
And another
One of the best parts: we didn't have to walk back up. Thanks to everyone who helped drive :)
Sarah, Mary, Rachel.
They took pretty much all of the pictures but not any of themselves so I had to draw one of them. :)
Just a few memorable quotes from today:

Andrew: Don't worry girls. You're just some of the pickin's

Jasmine: Boys laugh at weird things.
Seth: You don't think it's funny? Look in the mirror.

Seth: I am going to get you off of that sled if I have to die.

McKann: Stop trying to hold my hand!

Steph: No! That's just another excuse to hold my hand!

Bronwen: Catie, those were your toes right?
Catie: No... I'm sorry.
Bronwen: Oh no.

Jasmine: (talking about cheese) Wait, you guys all just cut off the mold and still eat it? That's sick!
Andrew: Jasmine, cheese is mold.


McKann said...

After awkwardly "ticklin" Andrew's chin with my sick glove while sitting on his lap: Seth, come here, I'll give you some of the glove experience.

Hahaha. Bronwen, today was a blast. We must do this again.

Bronwenshea said...

Matt: This is just one of THOSE tables.
Seth: Yeah, like in that one part from Doctor Who...
Caleb: On the Dalek's ship!
Andrew: That's a stretch...

(Posted by Catie)

Andrew said...

Holy bones. That day was absolutely grand. Yeah, it's one of those tables you read about, or see on TV.

Catie said...

Caleb: You see this bread? It's chock full of preservatives!
Bronwen: Actually that's homemade...

Matt Woodruff said...

Haha!! I loved those quotes!! :) especially the one with caleb and the bread.... :) Anyway, this was epic, please lets do it again before winter ends. :)