Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Changed My Mind. Again.

For the last year or so, I have been stressing quite a bit about which college to go to, especially lately. Before I moved to Provo, I'd always planned on going to BYU but when my family lived three minutes away from campus... I decided I'd go to BYU Idaho. Then, I realized that I'm not exactly rich and I had to personally pay for my entire education. For a very short while, UVU's full-tuition scholarship sounded tempting. Their nursing program is just as good or better than BYU's. Why not? Free education versus thousands of dollars of student loan debt? Duh. Then, I realized UVU might as well be BYU when considering proximity to home and I didn't want that. But, my family moved and now lives a teensy bit farther away. So, I thought, I might as well go to BYU. I can figure out the money right? Maybe I'll get some random private scholarships. Then I thought about it. There was no way I was going to get accepted to BYU. My decision was back down to either UVU or BYU-I. I decided on BYU-I (hoping that I'd get a scholarship). Then, I did get accepted to BYU. Awesome! But, that just made my decision that much more difficult. BYU it was! Then it was BYU-I. Then it was BYU. Then I decided that money was still a big issue and I would go wherever gave me the best scholarship. But I was still having nightmares about the decision (that happened all throughout this disgusting process). Then, I thought, prayed, and fasted. And I've finally made a decision. A final one. One that I feel good about despite having no idea about scholarships or loans. BYU-Idaho, here I come!!!

As you can tell, this has been a grueling and torturous process (because of my own crazy brain). I have changed my mind nearly one hundred times. But, now, I can quit being stressed and just be excited. And I am! Ever since Sunday afternoon, I've had that nervous, kind of shaky, but sooooo excited feeling that you get the first time that you wait to get on the tram that takes you into Disneyland. I am so so so excited. I wouldn't mind fast-forwarding the next five months and just moving up there right now. I can't wait!


Andrew said...

That's awesome, Bronwen!! And you have full-tuition at BYU-I, right? Lucky girl.

Rachel Peterson said...

Bronwen you use Smitten? I didn't know I told you about it. Cool!

And I'm still upset you aren't coming to BYU with me...but I'm glad you're excited. :)