Saturday, March 12, 2011

Oh My!

This morning has been quite an excellent one. It started with a nice, hot shower and a bowl of mini-wheat cereal with fresh bananas and only got better from there. After sitting on the couch and visiting with some friends that are visiting from Texas, my Dad, Mr. Korak (one of those friends), and I took a little drive across the street to the Provo river and went fly-fishing. Oh how glorious! I really do love fishing with all my heart. Going fishing is like flipping the "off" switch on the rest of life. You forget all about the mountain of homework waiting for you at home, the fact that you don't have a job, or the stress of making decisions about college. It's just lovely. And aside from just forgetting about all of your stress, you stand right in the middle of the most beautiful of God's creations.

These pictures aren't from my most recent adventure on the river (besides, that's a lake) but they'll give you a little taste of the fun anyway!

Check out my waders!!!
Cheesy but true quote about fishing: "They say you forget your troubles on a trout stream, but that's not quite it. What happens is that you begin to see where your troubles fit into the grand scheme of things, and suddenly they're just not such a big deal anymore," John Geirach