Sunday, February 27, 2011


To organize, to bestow intelligence upon

This has for a long time, been my favorite of the Mormon Messages. I love that we can be creative just by being us. So this week, instead of actually making or creating something, I am going to work on just being me, no matter who I'm around or what I'm doing. I'm going to work on understanding that my personality and my specific strengths are gifts to me from God; gifts that I should develop and not hide. Also, just like it said in the video, isn't it amazing to think that we are the literal children of the being that created our bodies and the very ground that we walk on every day? I know that someday, we are going to have the opportunity to become gods and create just as He, our Father in Heaven. Let us do all that we can to earn that privilege! 

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Catie said...

Bronwen darling! I love how you are so humble! This is such a fabulous idea I think I'm going to try it myself.