Sunday, February 20, 2011


Increasing in truth and light

Progress is such a beautiful thing! Many people in our day, especially members of the church, have a common weakness. We (I say "we" because I know we all do it, at least somewhat) lie in bed every night and instead of thinking about the things that we accomplished or the good things that we did, we think about the ways we messed up or the things that we did wrong. We worry that we weren't as affectionate, as respectful, as beautiful, as professional, or as responsible as we or other people wanted us to be. There are people that have such a hard time with self criticizing or self disappointment  that they sink into a state of depression that only hinders any improvement they might have made. I know that many people spend a lot of time worrying about the day of judgment and the things that our Heavenly Father will say to us. I know that we all worry that we will never be good enough to again enter into His presence or live with Him again. However, I know that all that God requires of us is to improve, to try just a little harder each day. He never has and never will require perfection, only the movement towards it. Progress is another one of those merciful and gracious gifts that God has given us. We should show our gratitude for that gift by loving ourselves for who we are, not worrying about perfection, and only trying to improve every day.


Catie said...

Wow Bronwen, I could connect to this so much, thank you. And how amazing is it that even though without Him we are nothing, with Him we are everything and can do everything! You're so humble, I love it!

Bronwenshea said...

You're very right Catie. I love this scripture because it explains in a beautiful way exactly what you are saying. You should check it out. Mosiah 4:2