Thursday, December 30, 2010

Camping Inside

Yeah, it's not really that bad. But, cool picture!
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Over the last few days in my neighborhood, we've have had some pretty interesting events. Tuesday night to Wednesday, it snowed more than four feet. Every house was in the process of being buried and it was impossible to stay ahead of the storm. So, everyone had to stay home. Even the snow plows were stuck. I think most people in the neighborhood were quite excited at the idea of being stuck at home. It's like camping! Only, inside, with real beds. This feeling was only reinforced when, starting yesterday at around 3:00, every microwave, computer, phone, and light bulb in my neighborhood was shut off. The heavy snowfall had knocked over the line that supplied power to our little meadow so we were without it. Woohoo! We had lots of fun playing games in the dark, reading by flashlight, and cooking outside despite not having a heater to keep us safe from the snowy, below 0 weather outside (which, my youngest sister happened to be missing in. But, it's okay. We found her.). We were just getting used to the idea of freezing in our own house when, all of a sudden, the power was back. I am glad to have my heater, real meals, and a warm shower back but, it was fun to see what things my family could come up with to do without electricity. Want to know what we all did today? (after we all checked our emails) We watched a movie. It was fun but... I think that playing games and sledding together was more fun. Maybe this 24 hours without power will inspire us.

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