Sunday, January 2, 2011

New found comfort

 As it has probably been noticed through the reading of previous posts, I am a professional exaggerator. I don't only exaggerate funny stories and the size of my fish though. I'm really good at making problems in my life seem a lot bigger than they really are. If, in terms of fish, my problems were the size of a three inch trout, I would claim, even to myself, that they were like a fifteen foot great white shark that somehow made it into the mountain lake that I was fishing in. I think I've got a serious case of fisherman fibs right now. My life is, obviously, not problem free, but it's not as bad as I think it is. However, my Young Women's class at church today, was not any less comforting. My teacher began by having us discuss our favorite qualities about our fathers and continued to tell us the God, is not just God. He's our Father in Heaven. He's not some mysterious being, impossible to understand. He's eternal, unchangeable, and loving. We are His children. He's there for us to go to and talk to, not just in times of need. He wants to hear about our lives and can give us the best advice. She then shared with us this poem. It's a little cheesy but, it's good anyway. 

A Child of Royal Birth, Anna Johnson

I am a child of royal birth;
My Father is king of heaven and earth.
My spirit was born in the courts on high.
A child beloved, a princess am I.

I was nurtured there; I lived by His side
In a home where patience and love abide.
My Mother was there in that glorious place,
Blessing her children with queenly grace.

I grew to the stature that spirits grow;
I gained the knowledge I needed to know.
I was taught the truth and I knew the plan
That God and Christ laid out for man.

I was there when the stars of the morning sang.
My voice was heard when the heavens rang.
I was there to rejoice, to praise, and applaud
And I shouted for joy with the sons of God.

I waited my turn to come to earth.
Through the wonderful channel of human birth.
The curtains were closed and the past was gone.
On the future too, the curtains were drawn.

I came to earth and God willed it so-
With freedom to choose the path I should go.
I must search for the truth; I must serve and obey.
I must walk by faith or fall by the way.

Someday, I will go back; I will answer the call.
I'll return with my record to the Father of all.
The books will be opened and so will my heart,
And there will be rejoicing if I've done my part.

My Father the King with his infinite love
Will welcome me back to the mansions above.
The curtains will part, and eternity
In its light and glory will open to me.

I love the image of God that this poem creates. I know that our Father in Heaven loves us and wants us to be with Him. I want to do all that I can to be close to Him and feel His love.

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