Friday, January 14, 2011

Finally- a New Year's Resolution

I know that I'm just a little behind schedule but now that my mind is almost clear of end-of-term stress and I have time to catch up on my sleep, I am going to post just a tad about New Years resolutions. Every year before now, my resolutions have been things like "be more responsible and get better grades" or "get in shape (along with 98% of America)" but I want this year to be different. Those goals are great and they are still kind of my side goals. But this year, my main goal is to make one difference in somebody's life every day. I want to brighten other people's days by saying hello or talking to them when they need support, playing with my little sister even when I have homework, letting somebody know that I love them, and sharing with as many people as I can the Light of Christ. I know that as I try to do this, the light that is already within me will get stronger and I will be even more capable of achieving my goals. Happy very late New Year!

Also, you should do me a favor and check this out. My dear little cousin and thousands of others would appreciate it!

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