Monday, December 27, 2010

I love old people

Okay, I've always been a fan of old people. They are so cute! Well, most of them are. And today, my love was only reinforced when I saw an adorable elderly couple outside of Shopko. As I was walking in, an old lady (who was so cute) was walking out carrying her groceries and from behind me I heard a man's voice. I turned around to see a man, who I guess was her husband, waiting in the car (he was really cute too). As she came out of the store he whistled and called "well, you're the prettiest girl I've ever seen, will you marry me?". She just smiled and got in the car. And the other day, I saw an old man teaching his wife to golf in the grass that goes along the sidewalk on Canyon Rd. How cute! I love old people and old couples are even cuter.

I definitely think that President and Sister Hinckley are the ultimate cute, elderly couple.

You're right, that's not President Hinckley or his wife, but they're cute.

Really? I want my husband and I to be that cute. But, I'll be quite lucky if I can find a husband half as amazing as President Hinckley and if I can be even close to as amazing as Sister Hinckley. But, it's a good goal to shoot for!


Coach Rockwood said...

I love the old people that shake their fists at those darn kids and say things like "Get off my lawn!"

Dani said...

Bronwen! This is too cute.

Andrew said...

This post reminds me of Danny Kaye; he sang a little song called "I like old people." =D