Saturday, August 27, 2011

Today was... interesting.

So, as you probably noted in the title of this post, today was quite interesting. It was fun, yes. But, it was super weird. Here's what happened: This morning started with waking up to a completely empty house. I had no idea where any of my family was and then I realized they were all at school and work. It was pretty lonely. But, I got over that pretty quick and just blasted Foster the People and "Stereo Hearts" through my central stereo system while I ate Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds. After breakfast, I worked some more on cleaning my room and sorting through stuff for college (I've been doing that all week). Then, Steph came over and we were going to go horse-back riding. But, when we realized how hot it was, we decided to just go visit the horses and not ride. This turned out to be quite an adventure! We arrived to discover that the horses were out of water and we couldn't fill their trough because the hose wasn't working because the water was turned off. But, there was no way we were just going to leave them without water. It was like a million degrees outside! We could feel it! So, with no other choice, we dragged the bucket down to the creek [kreek] to fill it with water and then proceeded to carry/drag/push/whatever we could manage it back to the pasture. We're talking a huge bucket here. We looked like total idiots. And, it was so flaming hot. We were dying. As soon as we were done with the whole horse adventure though, we sped to my house, made a smoothie, and jumped in my pool. Sweet relief! Pretty much, we had a dance party in the pool. It was amazing. Later tonight, Steph, Seth, and I roasted marshmallows over my fire pit and then were sitting on my back porch talking when guess what happened. My hammock broke. While I was sitting in it. And, this isn't one of those wimpy, 3 inches above the ground things. It was high. All I can say is: bruised tailbones hurt.


karli. said...

Bronwen I didn't know you had a blog! that is so fun :) we can be blog buddies hahaha LOVE you :)
Love, Karli.

Kira said...

Hahaha, Bonny why'd you go and break your hammock? Hope you feel better though. Bruised tailbones do hurt.