Sunday, August 14, 2011

G.N.O. + Andrew

So, G.N.O.? Party? Yep. Here was the agenda:

1. Steph, Eve, and I talking for hours about anything/everything and nothing at the same time.
2. Shopping (of course) at Kohl's and other places with great (or not so great...?) sales.
Does anyone know what this article of clothing is called? We don't.
3. Pick up Andrew and go to the mall to purchase and devour pretzel bites and have a party in the photo booth.
 4. Watch "While You Were Sleeping" while giving/receiving hand massages. (Catie, Jacob, and Malcom had also joined us by this point in time. Pretty sure the guys were going crazy with our giggly girlishness. Oh well. They knew beforehand it was a G.N.O.)

The end.

P.S. You may also read about this lovely event on Andrew's blog.