Thursday, August 11, 2011

Animal Sightings for today:

1. Mother moose with two babies. (Ahhhhh! So cute!)
2. Porcupine. (Also quite adorable!)
3. A zebra with blue vans.

Here are the goods (photos) from today's adventures. But, please excuse the lack of moose photos because they were not in a photo-possible position. I had to look at them through my binoculars. Plus, it was time for dinner and my dad had grilled some dang good pork and zuchini.

As I often say, excuse the crappy photo. It was moving too quick for me to take
 the time to change the settings on my camera.
It got mad at me when I started running so I could get in front of it...
I was in my room changing out of my "for my eyes only" clothes when I saw the porcupine out my window...
Like I was going to waste time finishing getting dressed! 
I just think my shoes are cool.


Catie said...

Hee hee I think I like the zebra best. ;)

Bronwenshea said...

Haha. Thanks Catie :)All I know is, I don't like the porcupine best anymore. My poor dog came into the house yesterday morning and had porcupine quills stuck all over in his nose. Poor guy :(