Friday, July 15, 2011

I Can't Believe It's Over.

There aren't many words for me to express my feelings right now. However, I can say that am going to miss Harry Potter so so much. I have grown up with this series. It's part of our generation's legacy. I can't let it go. I am never going to stop watching the movies or re-reading the books and I'll probably still throw on my glasses and carry my wand around the house every-so-often even though there aren't midnight showings to dress up for. And, when I'm old and have my own kids, I am going to relive the excitement with them. After they've read all of the books, I'll introduce them to each of the movies one by one just like I experienced them. Though I am having a very hard time dealing with the shock of this being over, let me say that I think that they finished strong and this most recent movie is my favorite of them all. I think it was very well done. I really feel like they did a good job capturing the emotion and the stress of the events in the movie and sharing it with the audience. (I at least felt it. I think I cried five times.) I also feel like the actors did an especially incredible job (namely: Alan Rickman. Wow). If you haven't seen it yet, I encourage you to do so. And, #4 on my summer bucket list is now complete!

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Catie said...

I totally agree about the crying. And Alan Rickman. Talk about fantastic.