Friday, July 15, 2011

#10- Check!

Last week I went through one of my "sewing moods" where all I want to do is sit down at my sewing machine and design/make something cute. So, I got to cross #10 of my summer bucket list but I'll probably keep at it for the rest of the summer because I love to sew and doubt I'll find much time to do it when I'm back in school. Here are the results of last week's frenzy:

This was also a great opportunity to take a bunch of pictures of my precious little sisters (and their adorable friend, Carley).


Mary Evans said...

If you happen to get in your sewing mode again, you should help me make some stuff bed stuff for college :)

Bronwenshea said...

Okay :) You should just call me when YOU are in the mood and then I'll be in the mood :)

Catie said...

Ah! Bronwen! Those and so adorable!