Saturday, February 25, 2012

Well, there's a first time for everything!

I woke up this morning thinking it was just a normal Saturday morning. Apparently I was wrong. But, I'm just going to let this video tell the story of today's crazy adventure.

I know it's so crazy and I can hardly believe that I did it! It's definitely taking some getting-used-to but, I love it! It's a fun change and I feel like a new person!


Unknown said...

Wow girl!!! What a fun change!

Shakira said...

Ahhh that was so amazing. Can I just say that I love it?! Kind of makes me want to actually go through with the plan for me to dye my hair red. I've been trying to do this for 3 years now.. :D

Aubrey Noelle said...

You're reaction was priceless! You are simply way too cute :)