Monday, November 28, 2011

He said, she said

Being able to see my friends this past week while I was home for Thanksgiving was so fantastic! I knew that I missed them but being back with them made me realize what I was really missing. It was such a blast! I don't think anyone can match such an awesome group of people. I love all of them so much and am so glad that we still get together occasionally and mess around just like old times!
My mom took some stalker pictures of us laughing our guts out while playing he said/she said and if/then... And her photography skills are somewhat lacking. But I kind of love them!

Just laughing really hard. As usual.

Honestly, this picture quality sucks. But, I love this photo!!

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Catie said...

Haha these are fantastic! I feel like the second picture was after we had that really awkward one involving Seth and I...