Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Daddy, I love you.

So, basically, this post is about how much I love my Dad. (Yes,  I know it's not Father's Day). I have always loved my Dad. He's my best friend. But, since I moved up here to this frozen university, I've realized more and more how much I miss him. I miss punching him in the gut when he got home from work. I miss teasing him about his swiss-cheese t-shirt. I miss laughing with (at) him while we watch School of Rock together. I miss teasing about him being an old man and having a daughter old enough to be in college. I miss being able to run to him every time I wanted my back popped or my neck adjusted. I miss his mastery of the culinary arts and being able to eat his delicious Papa Stew or whatever else he cooked up on any given night. I miss our fly-fishing outings and the times that I almost caught his eyebrow with my line. I miss wrestling with him until my mom started yelling from the kitchen "You guys! You need to stop it before someone gets hurt!!" and completely ignoring her until we both really regret it. I miss coming home from a friend's house late and being scared out of my pants when he jumped out from behind the counter in the kitchen. I miss already being in bed and then running downstairs to give my adorable Pops a hug and a kiss goodnight.

This is a little tribute to the times my dad has played with me or done things with me that may not have been his activity of choice. Okay, let's be honest. It's the other way around. I always went fishing and camping with him instead of him sitting down for me to paint his fingernails. But, that's the way we both wanted it! I just like this video anyways.
Basically, my Dad is awesome and I love him!!! Oh! And, he has a blog. Read it. If you like or are familiar with Prairie Home Companion by Garrison Keillor, you'll love it!! Check it out here! I love you Daddy!!! I miss you!

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SBB said...

Bronwen, I am embarrassed, but also happy about your blog post. Thanks for your love. You are an awesome daughter and make it easy to be a dad. Thanks. Pop