Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lettuce, whole-grain flat bread, and my thoughts on the freshman fifteen.

Can I say something? Grocery shopping and spending tons of money on food is so much more enjoyable when you know you're buying things that are good for you! Buying fruits and veggies and whole-grain flat bread is so much more satisfying than those big bags of the frosted animal cookies that were in mine and Rachel's cart last shopping trip. I promised myself at the beginning of the semester that the "freshman fifteen" was not even a possibility in my life. But, let's just say that until recently I hadn't been doing a good job making that a reality. However, coming home from General Conference marked a new beginning. I'm going to be faithful in eating right. Not because I think I'm fat or that I'm on my way there necessarily but because eating good feels good! All the things that I daily read in my Runner's World magazines and health articles online I am actually going to apply now. I'm actually really excited about this! Between eating super healthy and working out every day with Rachel, I am going to feel good! You should all join me! Everyone should eat healthy and exercise because everyone deserves to feel good!

Also, you can probably expect a lot of posts similar to this for the next while. I am seriously excited about this and will probably post about new work-outs or new healthy-food recipes I'm trying. It's going to be fun! But, never fear. There will still be posts about me doing dumb things like jumping off bridges or about my newest toe-nail polish adventures.

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