Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter my friends! I hope that it has been an excellent one for all of you! It has for me. Sacrament meeting was great. One of the speakers shared this story that I absolutely love. Talks in Sacrament meeting are almost always great, especially on Easter. But today, because things were focused specifically on the Savior and His atonement, they seemed to hit me a little bit harder.

After church, I decided that I really wanted to make cupcakes. I was in one of my crafty moods. They didn't turn out as cute or as delicious as I hoped but, they were better than some things I've made.

Can you tell that those are Easter eggs? That's what they are. In case you were wondering.
In case you want to attempt something like this, let me warn you, don't put
any oil or Crisco in the chocolate like you would normal melting chocolate.
It lasts 1.2 seconds out of the freezer and then starts to fall over.
After I was done making cupcakes and helping my mom make dinner, one of her former students from Texas, Kelly, who is attending BYU came over and we ate the most delicious Easter dinner consisting of pineapple glazed ham, funeral potatoes, blueberry Jello salad, and homemade bread. Well, we had much more than that but those were my favorite things.

Kind of a stinky picture of a table before we actually ate at it.
That is actually not the ham that I ate because I forgot to take
 a picture of it before we ate it all.
Photo Credit
Blueberry Jello salad. Yes, it looks disgusting. But let me just say- DELISH!
Funeral Potatoes. I think we've all seen those in one form or another.
But, that doesn't make them any less enjoyable.
Well, I'm starting to feel just a tad hungry again. So, that's all for now!

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Catie said...

Ha ha Bronwen what are you joshing about? Those cupcakes are adorable! As are your funeral potatoes. Ok, maybe not adorable, but a terrific shade of gooey gold.