Thursday, May 10, 2012

The simple things in life...

These are my thoughts on life. Rhode's rolls commercials say it perfect: "It's the simple things that make life better..."
1. Tell a random stranger hello.
2. Have a dance party at least once a day.
3. Message/text someone a dumb (yet clean) joke.
4. Listen to love songs (even if you're not in love).
5. Belt a good song when it comes on the radio with the windows rolled down.
6. Draw with sidewalk chalk.
7. Dance in the rain.
8. Eat Lunchables.
9. Laugh so hard that you cry.
10. Ride a horse.
11. Go running.
12. Be a flirt (unless you're married of course. In that case, only flirt with your spouse).
13. Buy a plant and care for it.
14. Ask for a sucker at the bank drive-through even when you're alone.
15. Make promises that you can keep.
16. Have a dog.
17. Buy a coloring book and crayons.
18. Color with them.
19. Write a letter. (a real one!)
20. Send someone flowers.
21. Call your mom and tell her you love her. 
22. Rekindle an old friendship.
23. Find a new favorite band. 
24. Go hiking.
25. If you go hiking, hike in the morning so you can watch the sunrise.
26. Never be afraid to say "I love you."
27. Don't be afraid to say "I know."
28. Go stargazing with someone you adore.
29. Whistle in the grocery store.
20. Call your grandparents on their anniversary.
21. Send out a Christmas card (with a photo) even if you're single.
22. Let yourself fall in love.
23. Go to a park and fly kites.
24. Simplify your life.
25. Remember that you can't be perfect and be happy anyways.
26. Have a firm handshake and look people in the eyes.
27. Smile at kids walking home from school. 
28. Wave at semi-truck drivers to see if they'll honk.
29. Count your blessings.
30. Buy a Snickers without thought for the calories or sugar. 
31. Sleep outside.
32. Wear a flower in your hair.
33. Have a water fight. 
34. Go to Disneyland and take pictures with every character you see.
35. Bring a sick friend homemade chicken-noodle soup.
36. Donate money to a good cause. 
37. Read a book. 
38. Cry for a pain that's not your own.
39. Don't be afraid when you only feel safe in the arms of the one you love.
40. Google yourself and laugh at all the people that aren't really you.
41. Leave a big tip for your waitress even when she brings you the wrong food.
42. Love to love and not to be loved.
43. Go to a City Council meeting and make your voice heard.
44. Tell yourself that you're beautiful.
45. Believe it.
46. Tell someone else that they're beautiful.
47. Always return a borrowed car with a full tank of gas. 
48. Pray always.
49. Volunteer at the hospital.
50. Love every minute of all of it!