Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Goblin Valley!

Alrighty everybody. Let me share with you a tale of a seriously epic camping trip. On Monday, Andrew, Matt, Jacob, Steph, Mckann, Jasmine, Catie, (all dang awesome people) and I went camping in Goblin Valley. For those of you who have never been to this incredible place, GO! It's amazing!

When the first car of us (Me, Matt, Mckann, Jacob, and Jasmine) arrived in Goblin Valley sometime in the early afternoon, we headed to our campsite and set up camp. Our campsite by the way, was dang awesome. It was set back in this little alcove apart from everybody else in the campground and it was beautiful! After we finished using our awesome skills to set up our two humongous tents, we explored around for a little bit and found some pretty exciting little places. When we started to over-heat from the blazing sun, we sat under the pavilion at our campsite and played the "marriage game". I am new to this interesting activity but it was quite a hilarious time. When we got bored of that and we were still waiting for the other car to arrive, we went and sat in the car where we leaned back the seats, ate lunch, and watch Tangled with the air conditioner as excellent company. We didn't make it very far into the movie but we did all have nice little naps.

Later when everyone else arrived (Catie, Andrew, and Steph), we went into the actual Goblin Valley. Oh boy was that so much fun! We played in the goblins for quite a while just hiking around, taking hilarious pictures, and pretty much just partying. It was pretty awesome!

Isn't it so gorgeous! And that isn't even close to the best of it!

We were on a motorcycle that was going to fast :)
"Daddy Slow down!
We're cool.
 We decided, since we're all professional models anyway, we'd take advantage of the beautiful scenery and have a little photo shoot.

Look how cute we all are!
Yep. We're intense.
Headin' back 
As you can see, the valley of the goblins is pretty intense! After we were done there, we headed back to our campsite where Jacob, our favorite mountain-man, built us a fire. We ate our hot dogs with Jasmine's delicious J-Dawgs sauce, potato salad (compliments of the Woodruffs), and of course, roasted Starbursts and marshmallows for s'mores. We also treated ourselves to some cold Apple Beer. After dinner and cleaning up, we all sat in one tent and played more of the marriage game, told stories, and looked at the beautiful stars. When it got to be almost two o'clock and we were all starting to doze, we all went to bed to recover from the long day. 

The next morning, we woke up, ate breakfast, and cleaned up camp. When we were done, we filled up our camelbaks and headed to Little Wild Horse Canyon to hike. This too was beautiful! Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures but I can guarantee that eventually McKann will post hers. Though it was blazing hot when we weren't in the slot canyon, we all had a good time. 

After we'd finished hiking, we loaded the cars and started the drive home. But, when we got home, it didn't end there. We dropped off everyone's gear and picked up their swimming suits and headed up to my pool where we ate some Little Ceasar's and swam to our heart's content. When it got dark and we were all freezing, we went up to my house and ate some I-don't-know-what-to-call-it deliciousness that my mom made and watched Miss Congeniality. By the time that was over, we were all exhausted but we had so much fun so the fatigue was worth it!

P.S. if you'd like to see the rest of the pictures from this trip, you can see them here or through the "Goblin Valley Photos" link on my right sidebar. 


Tyler said...

Nice trip! Sounds awesome! So this is pretty much the only way I know to get a hold of you. But we need your senior ball pic choices by Monday, June 27 or we're just gonna pick for you. Choose 2 5x7's and one 8x10. Email choices to
and go to this link! Thanks!

Andrew said...

Hahahahaha, you are a good and funny man, Tyler.

Jen said...

Looks like you had fun! I love your photos!